If you are attending the 2020 Red River Mod Tour make sure to PRE-REGISTER online. This is your only shot at a provisional. If you have not pre-registered on you will not be eligible for a Provisional. A Provisional will be rewarded each night to the drivers highest in current points who did not make the feature race. Drivers are only allowed to use 1 Provisional for the entire Red River Mod Tour in 2020.

There is no charge to register. Registration is open to IMCA Modifieds. Pre-registering allows the Red River Mod Tour to advertise driver names on our website, social media, and allows XR the opportunity to create pre race media to help promote!

Official pre-registration for the Red River Modified Tour North is closed.
HOWEVER, if you plan on attending, make sure you fill out the online registration for Norman County Raceway and Red River Valley Speedway. You MUST register online to be able to race.