High Five

The 2020 Red River Modified Tours bring in a new concept in the High Five presented by XR (racexr.com).

Presented by XR

1st $5000
2nd $2500
3rd $1250
4th $750
5th $500

Lone Star Super Gas Red River Modified Tour South presented by Smiley’s Racing Products: July 1-5, 2020 (5 races)
Sander Metal Products Red River Modified Tour North presented by Duel in the Desert: July 30-August 1, 2020 (4 races in 3 Nights)
Full schedule can be viewed at: redrivermodtour.com/schedule

The top 5 in combined point standings of a driver’s best 4 races over both Tours will determine who the High Five is.

$5000 goes to the champion, 2nd claims $2500, 3rd $1250, 4th $750 and 5th $500.

A provisional starting place for the 2020 Duel in the Desert from the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on November 14, 2020 will also be granted to the overall champion.

A driver can run both regions to strengthen their chances of landing in the High Five.

What happens if a show gets rained out?

If one (1) show gets canceled on the RRMT South, the High Five will continue on as originally planned. Drivers still have a full 4 shows to go towards the High Five.

If one (1) show gets canceled on the RRMT North or two (2) shows get canceled on the RRMT South, the High Five will continue on as originally planned except the High Five will be from a driver’s best 3 races over both Tours.

If either Tour only runs 2 shows, the High Five will be removed as there is not enough sample size to run a points series between the two regions. Money will be redistributed appropriately.

What if the overall champion does not attend the Duel in the Desert?

The overall champion is the only racer with access to the provisional, take it or leave it style. They may also qualify for the Duel on their own, in which the provisional will not be used.

What are the points tiebreakers?

Tiebreakers are determined first by amount of wins, then best finish, second best finish, and so forth. If two drivers have the same slate of finishes, the winnings will be divided equally between the competitors.

Examples – Tied for 2nd and 3rd – $1250 + $750 = $2000, both drivers get $1000. Two drivers tied for 5th – each driver gets $250. This only happens if the drivers have the same finishing positions in their 4 best races.